Full bloggyxmas roundup from Dec 1st - 24th in order of appearance:
  1. Telwyn at GamingSF: Gaming and Community
  2. Ikralla at Grimoires of Supremacy: Community
  3. Talarian at Gamer by Design: A Family Like No Other
  4. Aywren at Self Discovery and Personal Growth in FFXIV
  5. Tremayne at Tremayne's Law: The Faces Behind the Avatars
  6. Izlain at Me, Myself and I: A Sense of Belonging
  7. Scree at The Cynic Chronicles: How Gaming led me to my Wife
  8. Ranni at The Flaming Bard: Community is Family
  9. Asmiroth at Leo's Life: An Old Soul
  10. Lord Tridus at Hired Goons: Gaming and Community
  11. Endalia at Princess in a Castle: LAN Parties!
  12. Jaedia at Dragons and Whimsy: What You Can Make of Ingame Holidays
  13. Endgame Viable: Community and Me
  14. Liore at Herdings Cats; My Community and Life's Little Moments
  15. JaneNX01 at For Ironforge!: Bloggy XMAS Day 8!
  16. C.T. Murphy at Murf Versus: Horde Your Friends!
  17. Psychochild at Psychochild's Blog: How to Grow a Community
  18. Belghast at Tales of the Aggronaut: Bel's Magical Van
  19. Mylin at Ramblings of an MMO Gamer Guy: A Night Before XP
  20. Void at A Green Mushroom: Old Friends and Children
  21. Ysharros at Stylish Corpse: Nothing New Under the Sun
  22. Roger Edwards at Contains Moderate Peril: Passing the Torch
  23. Spinks at Welcome to Spinksville: But Above all, be Kind!
  24. Paeroka at Nerdy Bookahs: Connecting with Friends Through Games
  25. Astalnar at Cogitationes Astalnaris: A Tale of Nothing Too Serious
  26. Pasduil at Thinking Play: Unexpected Parties
  27. Jeromai at Why I Game: Community and You
  28. Syl at MMO Gypsy: Transcontinental Kinship and the International Language of Music
  29. Redbeard at Parallel Context: The Reluctant Community
  30. Doone at XP Chronicles: Better Late than Never 
  31. Sunny at Sunny Among Others: Bloggy X-Mas #16
  32. Iogro Merrybelly at A Hobbit's Journey: Community and the Family that Is
  33. Kadomi at To Boldly Nerd: Welcome Home 
  34. Ellias Stormchaser at Soulbound Life: Building our Bond
  35. Zelibeli at Bind Point: December 18th 
  36. Syp at Biobreak: Without people, I wouldn't MMO
  37. The Chindividual: The Christmas Spirit and MMO's
  38. Rowan at I have touched the Sky: Twisted Peppermint
  39. The Mystical Mesmer: The Season of Giving 
  40. Mrs Faff at Alt:ernative Chat: Words
  41. Missy Mojo at Confessions of an Anxious Game: Bloggyxmas
  42. Eri at Healing the Masses: Some Serious Struggles and Bloggyxmas Best Wishes
  43. Ben Myers at 140 Characters is Never Enough: Bloggy Xmas Countdown
  44. Braxwolf Stormchaser at Gaming Conversations; Created for Community
  45. Stubborn at Sheep the Diamond: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Thanks again everyone for contributing!